New students discover our Spain’s National Treasure, Cinco Jotas 100% Iberian Bellota Ham


The days go by and our students continue offering the best of themselves to create the best Pure Bellota Iberian Ham tapa. This time around it was the students from the Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo of Madrid, the Swissam Hospitality Business School, the Westminster Kingsway College, the Institut Paul Bocuse and the Ragout School. Aware of the commitment they acquired with the Cinco Jotas International Tapa Award, they innovate every day with their proposals.

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We present the first Cinco Jotas International Tapa Award Ambassadors


Cinco Jotas is surrounding itself with the best Ambassadors in order to reach every little corner of the world with its most recent aspiration: the Cinco Jotas International Tapa Award. We are honoured to reveal the names of the first professionals to join this project who will use their voices to take our National Treasure to the entire world.

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Our students meet Cinco Jotas: the Workshop start


Once given the starting signal, our international students began to make contact with our Spain's National Treasure. In this occasion, they were the future culinary promises of the Jinsong Vocational School (Beijing, China), the Shanghai Institute of Tourism (Shanghai, China), The International Culinary Center (New York, USA) and Westminster Kingsway College (London, United Kingdom), who participated in the first and second sessions to embrace Cinco Jotas.

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